Engima2 installation manual

Easy Engima installation quide for Enigma2 users.

Option1: Install with telnet run

Step 1: Download bouquet file on the e-mail you received from us.

Step 2: Upload bouquet file to it to /etc/enigma2 file which in your box VI DCC software

Step 3: Restart your dreambox

Step 4: Open bouquet favorites on your box and you will see the channels.

Step 5: Watch IPTV with EPG fuction – All done easy isn’t it?

Option 2: install iptv with ftp client

Step 1: Download Filezilla

Step 2: Open filezilla en enter host: (Your IP adress from device) – User: root – Pass: Dreambox or no pass | depending of your device you are using you can google for the right user and pass for your device.

Step 3: Browse in files to your /tmp folder

Step 4: Download our IPK and copy into the /tmp folder of your receiver.

Step 5: Start your receiver and use your remote control -> enter menu button -> scroll to plugins-> scroll to software management -> install local extentions -> memory tmp -> enter green button to install.

Step 6: Final step -> enter menu button -> Plugins -> activate QHD IPTV -> enter the code you received from us.

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